Garden Sheds

At SM Fencing we’re experts in sourcing, preparing, installing and maintaining garden sheds, built for a range of purposes. From sourcing the right materials and styles, to creating the concrete bases to ensure durability and safety, we offer a complete service.

Fully integrated sheds

Alongside our design and installation of sheds, our team can create pathways and decking to further enhance your shed, as well as set it up with electrical points and insulation to allow constant use throughout the year.

During our 13 years, we have worked on sheds used for offices, storage, child’s playrooms, workshops, exercise spaces, bars and ‘man caves’. Whatever you have in mind, get in touch on to discuss your requirements.

Our shed range includes:
  • Pent sheds
  • Apex sheds
  • Summer houses
  • Wendy houses
  • Workshops (modified sheds)
  • Salons
  • Storage sheds

Free estimates

We’re able to offer free estimates on our works and provide the best solutions for any projects. As a full service company, we will clear land and prepare your garden for your new installation, as well as ensuring it’s ready for immediate use once our work is completed.

Incredible choice

Apex sheds are some of the most popular in the UK as they are durable, waterproof and made in a range of softwoods. Suitable for all garden types, our sheds can be tailored to any size, height and shape – narrow, wide, short, tall, rectangular, corner shed – to suit all tastes.

In many respects, the possibilities are endless. Further options include double doors, chalet style decking, bay windows and even two storey installations.

We offer fantastic customer service and free estimates for your project.

To discuss your needs and ask any questions, please call
01403 338179 and we’ll be able to help.

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