Trellis & Screening

SM Fencing offer an incredible choice of the highest quality trellis and screening options for your garden and surrounding land throughout Sussex. We source, deliver, install and maintain trellises and screens to achieve both practical and aesthetic results.

Our team are experts in choosing the best materials and designs to suit your project and guarantee an appealing, well-made final effect for you to enjoy.

Why choose trellises and screens?
  • Decorative and fashionable
  • Break up large gardens spaces
  • Create an outside seating area
  • Increase privacy without blocking light
  • Support for growing plants

Available in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and designs, our trellises and screens include square or diamond trellising with different sized holes to fit its intended use, panelled screens, and a range of soft and hard woods.

Each trellis can be designed to fit your space and made to order by our expert team.

We can quickly provide an estimate based on your needs and as a full service landscaping company, will take care of the rest.

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