Closeboard Panels With Wooden Posts

Closeboard panels with wooden posts3
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Closeboard Panels With Wooden Posts

The Closeboard Panel has a heavy duty framework that provides added stability and security for your fencing boundary. Partnered with Wooden fence posts, these are typically pressure treated, meaning that they are protected from rot and decay that is common in wooden products, especially ones that are being inserted into the ground. The pressure treatment also means that they won’t need any additional treatments to be applied during their life.

For many people, choosing between timber and concrete fence posts is one based on tastes. In general, timber is more attractive to look at. Timber has always been a popular choice because woods are naturally nice to look at, and most importantly they match your fencing panels as well.

The Pressure Treated Timber posts last longer than the ordinary timber posts. Fence panels are fitted to timber posts using panel clips and fixed to the ground using either bolt down post supports or the metal post spikes. Alternatively they can be concreted into the ground.

Pressure Treated is a type of treatment that involves the anti-fungal treatment being forced at high pressure so that it penetrates deep into the core of the timber. This means that it won’t require any further treatment through the fence panels lifetime.

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