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Stock Fencing

Choosing the right type of fence that will keep and protect your livestock or animals safe & secure can be challenging as there are several designs & materials to choose from. The fence, as much as possible, should be able to withstand great pressure and severe weather extremely well. 

Stock fencing is designed for use primarily in agricultural settings for the purpose of marking out perimeters or boundaries and containing livestock. It’s typically manufactured in a mesh style at regularly spaced intervals to prevent animals from passing through.

Stock fencing is a heavy-duty wire fence that, when installed, forms a high tensile barrier capable of enclosing large livestock. It is often used in conjunction with barbed wire or electric fencing. We supply and install durable and strong fencing for all livestock needs.

Stock fencing is available in a variety of heights, gauges, and mesh sizes, each applied for different types of livestock. The correct selections must be made to ensure that the erected stock fencing is capable of holding the livestock in question and that any risk to them (An example would be an injury as a result of becoming stuck in the mesh) is kept to a minimum.

When choosing stock fencing today, choices include the type of wire and type of knot which sit alongside the correct mesh pattern for what you are looking to fence.

Stock fencing although can be used to keep livestock in or out. It is also used around some areas of gardens, fields or woodland to form a boundary.

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