Metal Palisade Fencing

Metal Palisade Fencing


A Palisade is a popular type of fencing that is widely used for security protection or general barrier among commercial and industrial buildings, residential estates as well as public spaces and school entrance and play areas.

Palisade fencing is constructed by using 2 horizontally running steel rails and connected to vertical steel joists. This type of construction design makes palisade fencing a strong and inaccessible barrier to keep the intruders away and enhance the security protection.


Palisade Fencing can be made in a variety of sizes from the standard 1m to 3m tall, it can also be designed and built to meet any specific size to meet your requirement.


There are many different forms of Palisade fencing, it comes in all shapes and sizes that serve different purposes and advantages. Below are some of the Palisade fences and their own benefits:

D shaped Pales – D-shape palisade fencing is designed for low to medium security protections such as for boundary delineation.

W shaped Pales – W shaped palisade fencing is designed to give a stronger or more resistant boundary against vandalization. This type of palisade fences offers higher security protection for the area it surrounds.

Angel steel pales – Angel steel pales is a simple construction that is mostly used for general purposes such as the residential properties.

Palisade toppings – Palisade fencing comes with a wide range of toppings. The most recognisable facets of palisade fencing are the top pointy finishes. Sharp and pointed pales act as an extra layer of security and deterrence. There are single pointed, triple pointed and a rounded finish as well as notched finish, square topped finish or straight cut pales. Each finish will be used for different purposes, please ensure you discuss your requirements with us, in advance.


Palisade fencing have been widely used as a security measure around property, commercial and industrial sites, as well as the dangerous zones that are highly restricted for the safety of public, such as power stations, railway stations and airports etc.

The design and the construction of palisade fencing has provided a number of benefits for protecting and securing properties, including:

Strong and sturdy construction – creates a strong visual barrier that is hard to break down with force. This in turn increases the visual deterrence to put off intruders.

Difficult to climb – Most palisade fences are designed to make it very hard to climb, palisade spiked top finishes increases the risk of injury to an intruder.

Privacy – Creates a high level of privacy as well as security protection around your premises.

High security – Palisade fences can be finished with extra anti-climb features and security measures, such as sharp and pointy toppings, extra height steel pales as well as security cameras and warning signage. This is perfect for the dangerous public hazard’s zones, factories and industrial compounds as well as commercial warehouses alike.

Low maintenance – Steel palisade fences are weather resistant and does not required regular repairs or maintenance.

Wide range of options available – Palisade fencing has a wide range of heights, patterns and top finishes, designed for either security or safety purposes. It can be used on residential properties or commercial premises to suit your specification.

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