Five Bar Gates

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Five Bar Gates

A five bar gate is a wide gate, traditionally made from wood, which is built from five horizontal bars with one or two further bars going from corner to corner. It comes in all types of designs and sizes. Ideal for spanning a driveway up to twenty-four feet wide. A varied combination of rails can be used from round steel bar to round machined hardwood bars.

Five bar gates are versatile and adaptable as it can be used in any combination of singles or pairs to suit all sizes of opening. This makes them incredibly popular as both entrance gates and field gates and they are often found on residential driveways and in equestrian settings.
All our gates can be made to bespoke sizes to suit your specific requirements and they can also be crafted from hardwood timber too.

The most common is a double cross-bracing that gives a five bar gate it’s distinctive style, commonly seen around the countryside and farm. These gates are ideal for an entrance gate, and strong enough for a field gate.

Decide which way you want your gate to swing. This gate can be hung on its own, single leaf, left or righthanded, or as a pair in any combination. Usually gates open inwards to the property, a particular consideration where the gate is the enclosure to an area with animals, to avoid it opening and allowing the animals to escape. Where gates form the entrance to your property and are next to a road, the gate cannot, by law, open outwards if it will obstruct the road at any time. Once you have established this, you will be able to choose either a left or a right hanging gate.

Ensure there is enough clearance between the bottom of the gate and the ground. If installing new gateposts, ensure you select the correct size so they are strong enough to support the weight of the gate.
Whatever type of gate you may require, SM Fencing aim to meet that requirement, with our constantly growing product range. Get in touch with our friendly team today for more information.

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