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A garden shed is typically only used to store objects, whether it be work tools or yard tools.

A shed is typically a simple, single-story roofed structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. Sheds vary considerably in their size and complexity of construction, from simple open-sided ones designed to cover bicycles or garden items to large wood-framed structures with shingled roofs, windows, and electrical outlets.

These small sheds include corner sheds, which fit into a corner (3 ft tall × 3 wide × 2 deep, or about 1 m tall × 1 m wide × 50 cm deep), vertical sheds (5 ft × 3 ft × 4 ft deep, or 1.5 m × 1 m × 1 m), horizontal sheds (3 ft × 5 ft × 4 ft or 1 m × 1.5 m × 1 m), and tool sheds. When a shed is used for tool storage, shelves and hooks are often used to maximize the storage space.

Many sheds have either a pent or apex roof shape. A pent shed features a single roof section which is angled downwards to let rainwater run off, with more headroom at the front than the back. This is a simple, practical design that will fit particularly well next to a wall or fence. It is also usually lower than the typical apex shed, so could be a better choice if there are any height restrictions. A pent shed may be free-standing or attached to a wall (when it is known, unsurprisingly, as a wall shed).

A pent shed is distinguished by its single sloping roof. The highest point of the roof is usually located on the same side as the door offering the maximum height available. If you have a reverse pent shed, the highest point of your single sloping roof will be on the opposite side of the door.

The door and window locations can be sides to suit your needs.

An Apex shed has two flat gables at either end roof and the door can be at the end. Depending on the side of the shed will depend on if you can have double of single door and the amount of windows you can have.

We are able to build sheds of all sizes and styles to meet your needs, to fit in any gap or space you have.

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