Hoarding Fencing Construction Site

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Hoarding Fencing Construction Site

Hoarding fence is a temporary fencing around a building or structure under construction or repair, usually erected around a building site. These are used to protect the public from site works whilst also being used to display advertisements. Enabling the building site to carry on working. 

The Hoarding fencing is normally wooden boarded fencing. The panels are normally made from plywood and they tend to be for one use.

It is also known as construction hoarding fence when used at construction sites.

Temporary fencing is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis when needed for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence.

Hoarding fence is a free standing, self-supporting fence panel, the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications.

If you are interested in or think that Hoarding style of fencing would be an option for you, please do get in touch. We are more than happy to go over the options and styles we are able to offer for construction sites as well as temporary fencing options that are needed for a short term period.

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