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Swinging Gates

The main benefit of swinging gates is the fact they’re incredibly low-maintenance, particularly if it’s a manual gate. Unlike other gate types, swing gates involve no motor or electronics, making them really easy to use. They’re also cheaper than sliding gates.

Why Are Swinging Gates Used?

  • For safeguarding your front garden, whether you want to keep intruders out, or keep kids and pets inside
  • No concrete work or steel beam is required unlike Sliding Gates
  • Swing gates look elegant offer a more welcoming feeling when entering a property
  • Perfect for lots of different properties, including period to modern homes
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Can open internally and externally

What Are the Benefits of Swinging Gates?

  • Less expensive than sliding gates
  • Swing gates are easy to install
  • Require less maintenance than a slide gate

What Are the Features of Swinging Gates?

  • They can be secured by latch, or locked with a deadlock, padlock, or combination keypad lock
  • Railheads could be added as an attractive touch, and to stop people from climbing over the gate.
  • Available as single leaf short gates , single leaf tall gates , double leaf short gates , double leaf tall gates , single leaf framed gates or double leaf framed gates .



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