Larch Lap Fence With Concrete Posts

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Larch Lap Fence With Concrete Posts

Larch lap fence panels are a popular type of budget fencing option made with rough-sawn horizontal wooden slats, a very common sight in many gardens today. Larch lap panels are sometimes called waney lap or overlap, but the different names all refer to the same type of fence panel. An affordable larch lap fence panel can be a great starting point if you’re looking at renewing a garden boundary.

This traditional type of overlapping fence provides privacy to your garden, so it’s an affordable screening solution for boundary fencing. Larch lap panels are usually provided in standard 6-foot widths, but various heights are always readily available – 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft are very popular.

Larchlap fencing is a popular and traditional choice for garden privacy. This kind of fencing is similar to the Closeboard, but is not as robust and long-lived, however larch lap fencing is faster to put up, and cheaper to install and replace. Larchlap fences are still reliable for privacy and security however, and can be installed with gates. Like close board fencing, it can be used with concrete posts and gravel boards.

In terms of installation, larch lap panels can be slotted between concrete posts. Given their less robust form, we suggest adding concrete gravel boards to keep larch lap fence panels off the ground to prevent rot, but this is completely optional. Trellis can also be added to the top as an optional decorative feature, but don’t forget to make sure your posts are tall enough to fix trellis above the height of the fence panel.

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