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Deer Fencing

Deer fencing is a specialized fence, with specifications to prevent deer from jumping over, going around or under conventional fencing. Generally speaking, deer fences need to be eight feet tall with tightly woven material to prevent unwanted deer from entering a property and damaging vegetation. 

As deer can easily jump an ordinary agricultural fence, and so special fencing is needed to keep wild deer out of farmland and gardens. 

SM Fencing provides deer fencing solutions that offer great protection from the voracious animals without blocking your view.  

Deer fence is often made of lightweight woven wire netting nearly 2 meters (about six feet) high on lightweight posts, otherwise made like an ordinary woven wire fence. In areas where such a tall fence is unsuitable (for example, on mountains subject to very high winds), deer may be excluded (or contained) by a fence of ordinary height (about 1.5 metres, five feet), with a smaller one of about one metre (three feet) high, about one metre away from it, on the same side as the deer. The additional width prevents deer approaching the fence close enough to jump it.

For the spacing of the deer fence posts, you can safely space most lightweight deer netting with about 20 feet between posts, while metal fences and those comprised of heavier materials should have supports placed about 15 feet apart. Place the supports, spaced at these intervals, and unroll the fencing. We will attach it with whatever your preferred material is. 

In some situations, a deer goes under a fence. A space as small as 9 inches is plenty of space for an adult deer to crawl under if there is enough motivation. Without proper and regular maintenance, deer will also take advantage of any hole in a fence large enough for them to pass through easily.

Our team is well-experienced in making sure that your property is secured from unwanted intruders and long-term durability is always considered. Consult us now and will be happy to visit and provide free estimate.

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