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Palisade Gates

Palisade Gates are considered the most traditional form of permanent security gates, which has been used for many decades. They are always built with security in mind. They offer strong and durable entrance security. Palisade gate is a popular and excellent choice in securing your commercial, industrial or even residential premises, best with Palisade fencing system. Palisade gate is normally made of steel making it durable and difficult to breakdown.

There are many benefits of Palisade gate and one of them is that it is difficult for intruders to get through and a good first line of defense for your home or any property. It is difficult to climb over because of the way it is put up. The long posts make it difficult for successful gripping for your feet and hands.

Palisade gates can be built to a range of standard heights up to 3.0 metres, but can also be designed to meet specific requirements. One of the distinctive features about Palisade is the top finish. Quite often, the vertical joists will feature a point, sometimes even a triple point, making them very hard to scale without the risk of injury.

Other top finishes include square or rounded and, whilst not as formidable as the pointed top finish, still provides an excellent deterrent to intruders and might be considered slightly more attractive.

All of the single and double-leaf Palisade Gates feature inverted hinges to prevent lift off, as well as a padlock able side-latch. Double-leaf gates also come complete with pack lockable drop-bolts (on the reverse of the gate) and ground sockets (available as a custom option on single leaf Palisade Gates).

The benefits of palisade gate are not limited to security. Palisade is incredibly popular when it comes to industrial and commercial sites. It provides low maintenance and simple solution to securing perimeters.

Palisade gates doesn’t just have to be made from steel. Wood can also be used to make palisade gates which is ideal for residential properties, farms or even schools. The height of the fencing can be customized to your needs and whether made of steel or wood, they are easy to paint making them a more attractive addition to your home or property.

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