Mesh Fencing

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Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is a form of fence that can be made from metal and is used to secure various areas or structures in private and industrial applications, as well as add a unique decorative aspect to any location.

The metal security mesh fencing styles are all pieces of fencing that have been woven together to form unique patterns in various shapes and sizes, and they are either secured together by welding or some form of adhesive.

The uses for mesh fencing are endless, and various styles of them can be found throughout the world. Many people use these types of fences to contain flowers and gardens when attempting to keep children and wild animals out of them. For privacy, they are installed around the perimeter of the property to keep children and animals in while keeping unwanted animals and people out.

Rigid mesh fencing panels are extremely versatile as they cater for all security categories. Warefence can supply and install your perfect solution.

Mesh Fencing Systems range from low height open mesh panels to secure anti-cut, anti-climb systems. Rigid mesh fencing makes the ideal partner to CCTV/surveillance systems, and in situations where supervision is required.

All rigid mesh fencing offers:

  • High through visibility
  • Resistance to vandalism and climbing
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Minimal impact on surrounding area
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance

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