Commercial Fencing

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Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing services and Commercial fencing installation throughout West and East Sussex, as well as covering parts of Surrey. Our aim is to build you a boundary, that is required to suit your needs.

The physical difference between commercial and residential/domestic fences is that commercial fence has larger pickets, rails, and thicker material with regards to wood or metal or mess fencing options.

The purpose is to increase the strength and durability for environments with heavy traffic, able to offer Commercial fencing that suits all your requirements. They are sometimes chosen for an aesthetic appeal while maintaining higher strength and longer lifespan. Commercial fencing is used as protection from potential threats or intruders. Commercial fences also include metal support ribs for additional fortification. 

Commercial fences are commonly used in Schools, Colleges, Churches, Industrial Units, Car Dealerships, retail properties, apartment complexes, office, hotels, and many other businesses. We are able to work with you, to make the Commercial fencing and gates in your area cover all your needs.

Commercial Fencing, comes in varied options and heights. These can be V-Mesh Security Fencing, Chain link Fencing, Galvanised Palisade Fencing, Railing Fencing, Acoustic Fencing and Hoardings to name a few. With these fencings you also have the options for gates.

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