Wooden Garden Gates

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Wooden Garden Gates

Over the years of being in the fencing industry, we have built countless types of high-quality wooden garden gates. You may check our completed jobs and see which one you would wish to have in your property. Most often than not, the design of the gate would partner the design of the fencing. Wooden gate is always a top choice. Most of our customers have chosen wooden type for their garden gates as it adds charm and beauty and creates a unique appeal no matter how big or small the space is.

You would agree that wood always looks great and feels good to the touch, and provides relaxing, warm, and comfortable feel and view. It lasts for years, offers security, privacy, and safety. It can be built for any property, not only for residential but even for commercial or business premises, or even for public parks or public gardens.

Our wooden garden gates are generally constructed from treated softwood, as this is the most readily available and cost-effective timber available, they can be made in a whole host of designs and sizes to suit individual requirements. We also provide bespoke gate designs depending on your needs.

Closebord Gates that are made from vertical feather edge boards on a ledged and braced timber framework, which make a stronger, heavier alternative to overlap boarding. It matches with feather edge fencing and fence panels. These can come with capping to finish off the look if you require.

Larchlap Gates are an option and can be ideal to match in with you Lap panel fencing, this is made from overlap timber construction, the overlaps are horizontal.

Tough and Grove Gate, or can sometimes be called T&G, this style of gate has the timber boards joined together to create the gate, it is a solid, smooth look to the gate. These timbers are joined vertically together to form the gate.
Cottage style gates, are lower gates these can be either Closeboard or Tough and Grove in style to give you a lovely looking gate to the entrance to your property.

Horizontal Trellis gates, these gates come in a variety of sizes, these can be double slatted gate has ‘Hit and Miss’ planed slats alternately positioned on each side, providing more privacy than a single slat gate, but still allowing the movement of some air and light. The Single Slat gate works well if you are wanting something to give your light and security, but do not need the gate for privacy.

Decorative Gates, we are also able to offer decorative wooden gates to suit your needs, some of these options might be curved tops or with lattice or trellis at the top. Please ask for more details This wooden garden gates are supplied pressure treated to protect the softwood timber from insects, decay and rot. Which makes them last.

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