Closeboard with Concrete post

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Closeboard with Concrete post

Closeboard fencing is a robust and durable type of fencing that features vertically arranged overlapping wooden boards (also called featheredge boards) for a strong and solid barrier. This type of fencing provides excellent privacy and wind resistance.

Concrete posts offer stability and longevity for the fence. They support the closeboard panels and are resistant to rot and weathering, ensuring a long-lasting structure.

Concrete gravel boards are placed at the base of the fence, offering additional protection against ground moisture and pests while adding structural strength. They can also help prevent the wooden boards from touching the ground, extending the fence’s lifespan.

Cappings are added to the top of the fence to protect the wooden boards from rain and moisture. They provide an extra layer of defense against water damage and give the fence a clean, finished look. Together, these elements make for a strong, attractive, and enduring fencing solution.


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